Covid 19 Road Map

HM Government’s Covid 19 Road Map for 2021

The current government advice comprises four relaxation of lockdown steps.  Step 1 ends on 12th April with Steps 2 to 4 ending on 21st June after which no major constraints, aside from mask wearing, are envisaged.

The full text of the road map document is available on the HM Government website as both a web page and a pdf file:

Covid 19 Road Map report (opens in a new window)

Covid 19 Road Map report (opens a pdf document)

Steps 2 to 4 are illustrated below:

HM Gov. Covid 19 stage 3 constraints

HM Government have now delayed step 4 until 19th July 2021

Lockdown relaxation details  on this page are the copyright of HM Government and are made available under the Open Government Licence (v.3) for public sector information.

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