Our Bikes

Some of our bikes. Click on images to enlarge

Kevin’s 961

A 2014 Commando 961 Cafe Racer, all standard except Domiracer pipes fitted making it rather loud!!

John’s F1 (NRS-588) and Commando

F1 Sport 1992.  Converted  by  Richard  Negus  and  the  team  in  2005  to  their  idea  of  what  it  could  have  become and 850 Commando  MKIIA  1975. Many small shiny changes and conversion to single Mikuni carb.  

4134-05Norton 588-1

Andy’s MkIII Commando Interstate


Trevor’s 1975 850 MkIIa Commando and the 500 International he owned as a lad

My Commando was manufactured in August 1974 as a Roadster and first registered in August 1975; presumably after gathering dust in a showroom for twelve months!  Sometime later it was converted into an Interstate with a more practical 5.8 gallon tank. I bought the bike in 2002 and it has provided excellent service – eight visits to the Isle of Man, NOC Rallies to France and North Wales and many outings with the Cambridge Branch. Modifications include Boyer ignition, Akront rims, stainless peashooters, Mick Hemmings front disc and callipers and an EEK Racing swinging arm conversion.

I bought my Inter in 1964 for £35(!), a bit of a mongrel, with an all-alloy 1933 OHC engine mounted in a ‘garden-gate’ frame. The bike was one of a number of specials built in the early 1950’s by Ernie Jackson of York. Most of the rolling chassis was standard; what was special was the swinging arm conversion.  It handled really well but involved a spring loaded jockey wheel arrangement which ate rear chains and sprockets at an alarming rate! The bike sported a Manx fuel tank, an alloy oil tank (containing vast quantities Castrol R!) and a Velocette fishtail silencer. After four years of totally reliable daily use, I sold the bike in 1968 for the princely sum of £45. If it’s resting in your garden shed – give me a call. I might be persuaded to buy it back for the said £45!!


Adrian’s Eek Racing modified Commando


Howard’s 1973 850 Commando Interstate

I bought this bike in 1977 and am only the second owner.  In all the years I’ve owned it, it has only once let me down on the road and that was this year just after I had fitted a quartz halogen headlight which shorted the wiring!  The bike is largely original (still on points ignition) but does have a few very useful modifications such as a high-output alternator, an RGM uprated master cylinder (works a treat), an automatic timing chain adjuster from the USA and swinging arm clamps.  I’ve also fitted rear-set footrests; the riding position is much easier on my back.


Martin’s Roadster                                                                      Jonathan’s Navigator

martins commando johns-lightwieght


Bernie’s Dominator and Triton

My 1961 dominator 99ss after a total restoration.  Restoration of the carpet to follow(Ed)!  And award winning Triton.


Colin’s Dominator

The first image is from the 2011 August edition of the Classic Bike magazine. I have now owned my Norton Dominator for 24 years and made a few life preserving modifications along the way, namely: improved electrics from 6 volt candle power to high output alternator 12 volts thus enabling blinding quad optic front headlight; led rear lights and twin-truck sounding Fiamm horns. It’s been a love hate relationship along the way but having still kept it after 24 years says a lot


Keith’s Dominator

1961 Dominator 99. Fully restored 2010. Engine overhauled and fitted with PW3 camshaft. Magneto replaced with Boyer micro power ignition and converted to 12v. Primary belt drive fitted with dry clutch. Original mudguards and chain-guard  replaced with stainless versions.

Norton Dominator

Theresa’s Dominator – owned since 1981 and still going strong


Nigel’s 30M Manx

Andrew’s 16H

Andrew has painstakingly restored his WW2 16H from a very sorry state. See his story at www.wdnorton.nl/Restauration_bestanden/W16H%20Restoration%20%20NL%20commpressed.pdf 

16H restored 24/09/16 Bottisham Airfield Museum open day 24/09/16 Bottisham Airfield Open Day Andrew Miller as RAF Despatch Rider on a 1940's Norton 500 Picture: Richard Patterson

Nick’s 1977 Mk3 Norton Commando Roadster

I’ve had this bike from new (1977) and have tinkered with it over the years.
Mechanically, it’s mostly original aside from tweaks to the front forks (adjustable dampers), Comstock head steady and Pretech/Norvil front brake upgrade.  I’ve also sleeved the front master cylinder and replaced the rear master cylinder capsule (13 mm bore) to improve braking performance.

I decided to fit LED lighting in 2019 to reduce the stress on the original wiring loom and that works well.  At least I’m now a visible target for cars … if they can catch me!



Branch Events

8:00 pm Branch Meeting and Branch AGM @ The Red Lion, Histon
Branch Meeting and Branch AGM @ The Red Lion, Histon
Mar 11 @ 8:00 pm
Come along to our Club Night – every second Monday of the month at 20:00 at: “The Red Lion”, 27 High Street, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9JD
all-day Thursday ride-out @ T.B.A.
Thursday ride-out @ T.B.A.
Mar 14 all-day
Meeting point and departure time TBC
all-day Easter weekend ride-out @ T.B.A.
Easter weekend ride-out @ T.B.A.
Mar 29 all-day
Meeting point and departure time TBC